A New Big Brother

Newborn Photo

Those first few days are the most precious, and the most fleeting.  Tiny fingers and toes, squishy cheeks, sleepy eyes, and dreamy faces–all so perfect.  A lifestyle newborn photo session is the perfect way to ensure that these memories are tangibly preserved, long after these tiny little moments are gone.  Welcome to the world, baby Ry!  Your big brother is very happy and excited that you have arrived.

Erin DuPree Photography is proudly offering Lifestyle Newborn Photo Sessions to the Seattle Eastside area: Kirkland, Redmond, Bellevue, Woodinville, Bothell, Snohomish, Everett, Issaquah, and Sammamish.  If you are interested in having a lifestyle newborn session in your home, please contact me for details!   

Trekking Through the Forest… Beginning with Ice Cream!

I spent a lovely afternoon with my favorite little boy.  He is a spitfire, adorable, and oh so sweet.  We found sticks, water bugs, snails, and beautiful flowers along the way.

The forests near Seattle, WA are truly some of the most beautiful.  This location was just a short drive from Redmond, WA, so I will be utilizing it for clients in the future!  🙂

Redmond, WA Family Photographer

Forest Photo Session -Redmond, WA Family Photographer

Forest Photo Session -Redmond, WA Family Photographer

Forest Photo Session -Redmond, WA Family Photographer

Forest Photo Session -Redmond, WA Family Photographer

Forest Photo Session -Redmond, WA Family Photographer

Forest Photo Session -Redmond, WA Family Photographer

A Boy and his Red Trike

This sweet little boy is turning 3 years old and he is a bundle of energy and joy.  I remember not too long ago it was my own boy’s 3rd birthday.  My goodness how the time FLIES by faster than a blink.

That red trike was never far from this little guy, and we had so much fun and laughter together.  The weather at Juanita Bay Park in Kirkland, WA was simply perfect for our photo session, too, providing beautiful sunshine to filter through the trees.

My body was sore after this session!   With all the squatting, climbing, running, jumping, twirling, skipping and tickling I do, I imagine there’s a good amount of muscle work going on.  Talk about a FUN way to exercise!  🙂


The Landry Family in Kirkland, WA

This past Sunday, I had the pleasure of capturing memories for the Landry family in Kirkland, WA. Their boys were scrumptious and full of smiles.  Juanita Bay park is truly a beautiful place.  It was a gorgeous evening–although bittersweet due to fires in the east.

Our Seattle area skies are currently filled with a slightly smokey haze, due to the record breaking wildfires plaguing our Eastern Washington neighbors.  My prayers are with the firefighters, volunteers, and everyone affected.  

Seattle Maternity Session on the Beach

I have finally fulfilled a personal photographic goal of mine: A Beach Maternity Session.  When my dear friend invited me along to this session, I was having trouble holding in my excitement.  Once we arrived to our location, we were all simply floored by the beauty of this Seattle beach.

Our subjects were such a delight to photograph, and we couldn’t have asked for a better evening.  The little man you see below is so happy and excited to become a Big Brother to a Little Brother, and his mama was glowing.  What a truly happy, beautiful family–and a pure treasure to photograph.

Thanks to my dear friend and mentor, Tiffany Mae for inviting me along to this session.  Tiffany is a fantastic mentor, offering online video workshops for learning Lightroom.  

The Perkins Family.

What can I say?  Perfection.  Beautiful subjects, and a stunning location, complete with a breathtaking PNW Sunset!  This family session was SO much fun–as most of them are, but this was was special because I happen to love this beautiful family!  I am truly blessed beyond measure to know them and to be their “Auntie!”

Lifestyle Photography Sessions in Seattle, WA

To date, the most fun I have had on a session was a Lifestyle Session.  If you are located in Redmond, Kirkland, Bellevue, Sammamish, Woodinville, Bothell, or Seattle, and have a naturally well lit home, I would love for us to work together and create these tangible, memorable displays.

A Beautiful Sunday Morning in Kirkland, WA

-Erin DuPree Photography

My Loves

I’m often finding myself in awe over the blessings in my life.  The reasons I live and breathe.  My family.

Life is Hard. But I still find Beauty.

These last 6 months have been harder than I can remember ever enduring before in the past, due to personal events that have occurred in my life.  My camera has, for the most part, been collecting dust.  I hadn’t done any “me” shooting in at least that amount of time.. Perhaps more.  In fact, I had begun withdrawing into myself.  Life had become filled with tears.  If I wasn’t crying, I was numb.  No emotions.  No life.  I was (am still) hurting on a level that I hadn’t fathomed possible.  This has been my life for the last few years, with happy months scattered here and there.  But not the last 6.

After enduring one of the worst few days in my recent memory, I made the very hard decision to seek medical help.  For anyone who has ever known me, they will know that I almost never visit doctors, unless I have tried every single natural remedy I can get my hands on without relief.  I, like probably many others, held a stigma against people who claimed to be depressed and took medications for this supposed affliction.  Surely a little fish oil, Vitamin B12, exercise, sleep, prayer/meditation, whathaveyou, is the wiser choice… right?  I tried all those things.

I made the appointment at least 5 times, that I can recall… and then cancelled them.  I chickened out.  My pride refused to admit that there was a problem within myself that I could not handle on my own.  Finally, after a wake up call, I made a same day appointment and cried to my doctor, nearly begging for help.  He calmly wrote me a RX for medication.

Today is only day 3 of taking this medication, and I am hopeful that changes will appear in my inner most self within the next few weeks.  In the meantime, I have realized that I have to take back at least some of this missing happiness on my own.  The one happy thing I have in my life, outside of my wonderful family, is photography.  I didn’t come to photography as a means of making a quick buck (not knocking those who have).  Photography was, and is, an outlet for me.  I have stunning children and wished to show them off to the world (or mainly, my extended Facebook family, spread across the country) so I poured myself into learning all that I could.  Composition, light, COLOR BALANCE (my bane), mood, etc.  Finally, a hobby that I am not only somewhat good at (we are our own worst critic), but one that truly, deeply made me feel content about a part of my life, however small.

Yesterday I planned a session with my gorgeous 9 year old daughter, as it was a gorgeous 62 degree Seattle day.   I went out and bought her a dress, the flower tiara, and borrowed a neighbor’s curling iron.  It didn’t go as I envisioned, due to the fact that the weather suddenly turned really cold, and we couldn’t figure out how to get to a specific area of this enormous park. But I snapped a few good ones.

She’s a true Beauty.  I can look at her and just relish in the fact that she is Mine.  My Beauty.  My sweet darling girl.  (Okay, her father’s, too!)  Even when I’m in my darkest moods, I can still feel love and happiness when I look into my daughter’s eyes.  Even when she’s scowling at me.

A Dreamy Lifestyle Session (Holly & Nico)

This was a second session that turned into my favorite.  Seriously, my favorite session, ever.  I had so much fun capturing the love and the pure joy you will see in these images.