Cathleen and Shane – A Wedding on All Saint’s Day

Wedding near Seattle, WA

To date, I have never met a more down to earth, fun, and gentle couple than Cathleen and Shane.  Their soft spoken, tender heart spirits emitted serenity and love through the entire ceremony.  These two lovely people were meant for one another, and it was evident with every glance, and every touch.  Their wedding was uniquely designed to showcase their earthly, loving spirits.  They chose All Saint’s Day, November 1st, to show honor and love to those who had passed and gone before them.  What a beautiful testament to their faith, and their commitment to each other!

They were wed in the Bastyr University Chapel, a beautiful European style chapel, on the grounds of St. Edward Park in Kenmore, WA in an intimate ceremony among family and friends.  As a Seattle wedding photographer, it is such a wonder and delight to be able to witness and document these sacred moments, especially in such a beautiful setting.  (continue reading below…)


On to some sad news…  The beautiful grounds of St. Edward Park and the historic seminary building are all set for some possibly huge and disheartening changes.  The grounds are currently up for a proposed land exchange, with the building possibly being renovated into a hotel or resort.  Please, show your support for this beautiful park by attending the February 9th public hearing, which will occur at 6:30 pm at the Kenmore, WA City Hall.  This stunning park needs the support of the public to ensure that this site continues to serve as a serene area for relaxation, play, and hiking.

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