Pregnant woman posing for maternity photo in grassy field by Seattle Maternity Photographer

Seattle Maternity Photographer


Erin DuPree is a professional Seattle Maternity Photographer with an eye for detail, offering stunning maternity portraits for women during their pregnancy.  

A new life is forming beneath your heart, and you deserve to feel as beautiful as the world sees you, and hold the proof in your hands.  Through the careful use of light, wardrobe, location, and posing, we will capture and document this moment in a uniquely beautiful way.

Each session is fun, easy, and magical, and will result in a gallery of stunning images.

Maternity Photography Session Details

When Should The Session Happen?

Maternity photos are best scheduled to take place between 32-36 weeks of your pregnancy.   Please be sure to contact me no later than your 20th week to ensure there is room in the schedule for your Seattle maternity photography session.

Where Do Photo Sessions Take Place?

I take into account many variables when deciding on a final location for your session.  How do you picture yourself in these photos?  On a beach?  In the forest?  A tall grassy field?  At home?  In the end, your session location will be a mutual decision.  I have created beautiful images in locations all over our magnificent PNW.

How Long Will My Session Take?

Typically, you can expect a session to take 90 minutes.  There may be some walking as we follow the light–all within your personal comfort level.

What Will I Wear?

I have a selection of comfortable and stylish dresses in various sizes and colors that you are welcome to wear, if you wish, but we can come up with something new and exciting, too!  (Tip: Take a look at some of the example photos below, and note any outfits/dresses that appeal to you.)  After photographing many expectant mothers, I’ve become accustomed to recognizing dresses and outfits that photograph well on a woman’s growing pregnancy.  Want to go shopping together?  It’s a fun way to break the ice!  A few styling tips to remember:

  • Solid color dresses that fit well and hug your curves in all the right areas
  • Stick to solids as much as possible–some patterns can work, but shouldn’t take up the majority of your outfit.
  • Think contrast!  If your session will take place in the forest, I would suggest a bold color like a royal blue, dark purple, or red.
  • A summer beach session always looks beautiful with soft pastels.  My favorites are long, lacy white or cream gowns.
  • Sometimes a pair of well fitting jeans and white fitted top with a chunky necklace is perfect!

Ready to learn more?  Let’s schedule a meeting.  There’s no pressure to book–let’s get to know each other and plan your dream session!  We can go over all of these details, and more, over a cup of tea (my treat!) Contact me to schedule your consultation today.  

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