The Home Birth of Yvonne | Seattle Birth Photographer

Seattle birth photographer example photo of woman in birth tub holding new born baby

Seattle Birth Photographer Erin DuPree, here, and that isn’t just a title, it’s a way of life. The journey each mother and new baby takes together is precious, beautiful, and raw, and it’s my joy to be there to capture every moment–even if that happens to be on my own son’s birthday. Yes, that’s right!

Being On Call as a Seattle birth photographer is probably the single hardest part of this profession/way of life. No matter where I am, no matter the day or time, my phone is nearby and my gear is ready for The Call.

Sometimes, the call happens during my daughter’s choir recital, or during my son’s birthday. That’s not ideal, but they understand, and I am so blessed to have their support and love when it does happen.

Yvonne came into the world just 10 minutes away from my house, on my son’s birthday, and was one of the fastest births I’ve witnessed. And also one of the sweetest.

My client’s own mother was her attending midwife, and I can’t adequately convey how precious it was to witness the bond between these women grow.

Thank you, baby Yvonne, for giving us all such a beautiful day.

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