Redmond Newborn Photographer | A Brother for Maeve

Redmond newborn photography photo example of newborn wearing a bonnet

As a Redmond newborn photographer, one of my greatest moments of joy is when I receive news of a new arrival joining one of my sweet families. A few years ago, I captured some of the most endearing moments between a new family of 3. Sweet little Maeve was tiny, and perfect, with parents that are just as beautiful as she. Somehow, they rolled the genetic dice and created another perfect and beautiful little baby–a little brother named Barry. I was ecstatic to head over and see their family again and to meet her new baby brother for their newborn photography session.

I arrived on yet another beautiful day (very much like their first session) to spend 2 delightful hours photographing this new family of 4.

Soon after I arrived, I noticed that Maeve takes her new role as Big Sister very seriously, let me tell you. We watched her shower him with gentle kisses, hugs, and simply enjoying being in his presence. She did not enjoy being separated from him. I don’t blame her!

I witnessed the cutest moment. “Barry! My Barry!” Maeve cried as she watched her daddy take her Barry to his room to be changed.

Thank goodness, Maeve’s daddy brought Barry back to her, and all was well again. I felt the anguish and relief.

As a newborn photographer, those are favorite moments. Because of amazing clients like these, I get to experience more and more of them!

As a Redmond newborn photographer, lifestyle newborn photography sessions are a wonderful way to capture genuine smiles, real emotion, and they’re fun, too! Best yet, an in-home newborn session means that you can stay home–because who likes rushing out the door with a toddler and newborn? Let me come to you.

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