Mommy and Me Portraits with a Seattle Family Photographer

Fine art portrait taken by a Seattle photographer of a mother holding her daughter

As a Seattle family photographer, I’m often asking: What are some of the things you value the most?  For many, it’s the candid moments captured during family photos, whether by yourself, or a professional family photographer.

A photograph is powerful.  Very few objects hold the ability to flood our minds and hearts with such strong emotions, like a photo of your child.

The color of a baby’s eyes may change a few times before settling to their final hue.  One day you’ll look back upon a certain photo and remember just when you realized the final color of her beautiful eyes.

With one family photo, you can remember how she used to giggle if you whispered in her ear.

For at least a short while, she was small enough to fit on your hip.

…and so tiny you could hold her hands to help her jump in the air!

One day she will outgrow her mommy’s lap…

…but she will never outgrow her mommy’s heart.

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