Sometimes, Bribery Is Worth It.

Last night, the sky was simply beautiful.  My “spidey” sense was tingling, so I grabbed my camera and my daughter and drove around the corner to one of our favorite spots.  Most photographers with children will know about PCS, but in case you don’t, it’s called “Photographer’s Child Syndrome.”  It’s when your children turn into blank stared zombies, or crying banshees, at the mere mention of your camera.  My daughter, being nearly 9 years old (how did that happen!?!?), is typically the staring zombie type.  Last night, I bribed her with Starbucks and a movie date this weekend.  Yep.  That’s what I have to do to get quality photos of my child.  These photos were well worth the bribe.


7.29-1839 7.29-1849 7.29-1911 7.29-1945 7.29-1991 7.29-2051

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